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Health care leaders face unprecedented pressures to change their organizations and improve results

Patients, families, and communities; employees and physician partners; and the government and other payors not only expect—they demand—high performance. Key challenges facing leaders provide evidence of the shift—new reimbursement methods (value-based purchasing), new structural arrangements (accountable care organizations), new operational requirements (hospital 30-day readmission rates), and more.

Goonan Performance Strategies (GPS℠) can  help you and your organization meet these challenges by transforming how you lead and manage so you can build the culture and capabilities required for higher performance.

Our clients are leaders of health care and related businesses committed to enterprise-wide transformation. Our clients value partnership with an experienced, objective, clinician-led team to help them identify improvement priorities, develop plans, and implement changes based on proven practices from health care and other high performers.


Critical Drivers Changing Our Industry


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Operational Excellence

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Patient Experience

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Policy makers and payors require health care organizations to demonstrate their ability to provide effective and efficient care across the continuum and to manage the health of populations of patients.

Successful integration of care practices and settings to create a seamless care continuum and manage the health of populations requires operational excellence. Improving operations supports more effective and efficient care delivery for existing patients and expands the resources available for more (often older and sicker) patients and for critical advances in technology.

Marketplace success requires meeting and exceeding the expectations of patients and families as never before. Patients and families today are activated consumers, who scrutinize and judge all aspects of the care experience. They have higher expectations, more information, and more questions

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How Can We Help You?


At GPS, everything we do for our clients is tailored to where you are right now. Each engagement begins with understanding your current state and the challenges you face; then we help you identify key leverage points to demonstrably up your game. We partner with you to address these top priorities and opportunities. At the same time, we support you in designing and implementing an overall transformational strategy to strengthen executive team leadership and enable the organization to achieve and sustain improvement long-term.

We can support you in many diverse and complementary ways: 


Executive Team Development

The growing demand for high-value health care means top leaders must be able to transform how their organizations operate. GPS can help you launch and lead organizational transformation to build a high-performance culture. We focus on key leadership behaviors, effective communication methods to align and engage the workforce, and creation of accountability and a focus on action. We provide ongoing senior leader coaching to optimize the efforts of each individual leader and promote the effectiveness of the whole leadership team.


Strategy Development and Deployment

Most health care organizations have a strategy development process, but many do not get the results they need from it. Too many falter or fail at execution, unable to deploy their strategy effectively to all levels or to align and focus all operating units on the objectives. GPS can help you articulate your strategy and top priorities and put in place mechanisms to ensure strategy execution. Specific methods and tools—to prioritize initiatives, assign accountability, and track and review progress—are tailored to your situation and culture.


Data Management for Reporting and Analysis

Leaders at many levels struggle with what organizational data mean, what action they should take, and whether they are have the “right” data for action. GPS can help you select appropriate measures for information on all critical aspects of your performance, clarify the relationship of process measures to customer results and clinical outcomes, link measures at different levels, and put in place mechanisms for analysis and review. Move beyond measurement for compliance with external requirements to a robust system with comprehensive measures and appropriate analytical tools to support action for improvement and promote accomplishment of your strategy.


Process Improvement, Cost Reduction, and Value Enhancement

Dramatic improvement in performance—from high-quality clinical services to operations and financial results—requires a robust process improvement capability. GPS’s Lean Six Sigma program can help you eliminate waste in all processes while reducing variation, especially in clinical processes, to achieve better outcomes more consistently. To help you leverage this proven methodology and build internal bench strength, we provide the tools, training, and support needed by leaders, physicians, and other key members of your workforce.


Service Excellence and Patient Experience

Four out of five health care leaders today count patient experience as a top-five priority. GPS can help you design and deploy your own roadmap to a great patient experience. Based on assessment of your organization and benchmarking with high performers, we provide recommendations for action tailored to your organization, including leadership and staff practices from role-model organizations and changes in key processes. Then we support you with ongoing coaching and proven tools and techniques as you implement the roadmap recommendations.


Assessments, Feedback, and Priority Setting

Using structured interviews, on-site observations, and data and document review, GPS can give you an objective view of your results and the key factors affecting your performance. Comprehensive assessments address all major organizational systems—leadership, strategy, customer, measurement, workforce, and operations—and your results; focused assessments, one or more performance areas. Some organizations use assessment regularly, to inform annual planning, for example; others, as needed to support key strategic decisions or improve a particular performance area. Beyond feedback on your strengths and gaps, we give you specific recommendations for action and implementation support.


Organizational Transformation Using Baldrige as a Blueprint®

Dramatic and sustainable improvement organization-wide generally requires major organizational redesign. GPS can support you in designing, launching, and leading an organizational transformation. Using Baldrige as a Blueprint, we introduce you to the practices of role-model organizations and help you evaluate your approaches against them. We help you identify, sequence, and address high-leverage change opportunities—from leadership and strategy execution to customer relationship and workforce management, patient experience and care delivery. We help you build a measurement system to track and demonstrate improvement in your results. You develop what we call “process literacy,” the ability to understand and manage your organization as a system of processes and capitalize on this this knowledge to get better results.


How Are We Different?


Clinician Leadership

GPS is led by Kate Goonan, MD. She knows how to engage your clinicians—your physician leaders in particular—in the accomplishment of your transformation strategy and excellence goals. Clinician leadership at GPS also builds understanding and trust more quickly when we are able to work side-by-side with your clinical staff.


Best-Practice Knowledge

The GPS team has deep knowledge of best practices from all industries. We have conducted extensive research and have had diverse experience with high performers in health care. We use best-practice examples and benchmarking to help organizations recognize their strengths, identify improvement opportunities, and prioritize gaps to close.


Respect for Your Culture

Different organizations have different cultures. Successful transformational change requires aligning the change strategy with the organizational culture. We have helped numerous executive teams develop the strategy and tactics to lead major organizational change and leverage or even change the organization’s culture.


True Partners

We partner with you and work shoulder to shoulder to build new capacity in your organization. At the same time, we work “under the radar,” supporting you and your leaders at different levels. We pride ourselves on having long-term relationships with our clients, backing away or stepping up when required, and staying with them through the ups and downs common to major organizational change.


Your Journey Starts Now


The best way to determine how Goonan Performance Strategies can help you is to have a conversation about where you are now and where you want to go. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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